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Why You Need To Zone Your Home Today
If you walked through the front door of your home and turned on the light switch
and every light in the house came on that would not be very efficient and your
light bill would be higher. If you were to turn on the faucet in the kitchen and all
the toilets flushed, showers ran and every faucet in the house was turned on that
would not be very efficient. You wouldn't live in a house with one light switch or
one water valve to control the lights or water. So why do you only have one
thermostat ? Until just a few years ago electricity was somewhat cheap. Today
energy costs are rising to an all time record high and are predicted to rise even
higher. Placing a thermostat in each room allows you to control the cost by not
wasting the air conditioning or heat in rooms that are not being used. Why cool or
heat the living room, dining room and kitchen when you are asleep at night or
vice versa in the daytime when no one is in the bedrooms. Maybe you have extra
bedrooms that no one is using or a game room. The more you can split up your
home into separate zones the faster your payback Stop wasting your hard earned
money. A penny saved is a penny earned. You have heard that said before.
Pennies add up to dollars and the dollars will pay you back on probably the
single most cost effective improvement you can make to your home.
Homeowners can expect to save hundreds of dollars a year in energy cost while
at the same time improving the quality of life in your home.
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