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Changing the air filter every 30 days is the single most important thing you should do to keep your air conditioning and heating system working efficiently.Using the right filter is just as important. Here in the greater Houston area we need to choose an air filter that won't slow down or choke off the air flow like pleated style filters. These pleated filters are a front loading design so they just get more restrictive the day you install one. That means longer run cycles and higher electric bills. Use a mesh style air filter, not a fiberglass air filter. They are too loose, and fiberglass doesn't hold a static charge. WE RECOMMEND A BI-POLYESTER DISPOSABLE.  Priced  @ 1 ½ ¢ per square inch. Remember to change every 30 days. Dust captured with the exit tack adhesive is locked in the filter so can be removed from your living space. Some homes today have been fitted with extended use air filters. These air filters are most often located in the attic in front of the blower. They are about 5 " thick to allow for extended service. You should change extended use air filters 3 to 4 times per year.

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